Principal investigators
Catherine J Noakes

University of Leeds

Professor Cath J Noakes is a Professor in Public Health and Environmental Engineering (IPHEE) Institute at the University of Leeds. She leads an internationally recognised group applying simulation, risk models and experimental assessment to indoor air quality and evaluation of engineering control approaches.

Janet F Barlow

University of Reading

Professor Janet F. Barlow is a Professor in Urban Meteorology and Director of the Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TSBE) Centre at the University of ReadingShe develops novel methods to explore engineering problems at the intersection with urban microclimate.

mc schreafel

University of Southampton

professor mc schreafel is a Professor in Electronics and Computer Science  and Deputy Head of the Agents, Interaction and Complexity Group at the University of Southampton. Her research focuses on human factors/human computer interaction (HCI) with emphasis on IT design over large-scale data sets to support knowledge building.

Postdoctoral and PhD researchers
Steve Snow

University of Souhampton

Stephen Snow is a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. From five years’ experience at QUT in Australia, Stephen brings a qualitative focus to Refresh, based on his experience of applying user-centred design to the fields of domestic energy consumption and family finances. Before, during and after his PhD examining the familial context of domestic energy consumption, Stephen has built up a strong publication record during and brings five years of teaching experience at the undergraduate level. He will apply his user-centred design expertise in better examining the social-organisational factors affecting indoor air quality by conducting ethnographic interviews, focus groups and the gathering and analysis of observational data.

Natalie Gilkeson

University of Leeds

Natalie is a PhD at the University of Leeds researching personalised ventilation systems for offices. Her work comprises primarily of parametric CFD simulations and optimsation.

Marco-Felipe King

University of Leeds

Dr. Marco-Felipe King is a post-doctoral research fellow at the pathogen control engineering institute at the University of Leeds. He works closely with computational simulation and mathematical risk modelling of indoor and outdoor airflows. His expertise lie in particulate flows and infection control engineering.

Hannah Gough

University of Reading

Hannah Gough is a PhD student at the University of Reading under the guidance of Professor Janet Barlow and Dr Vincent Luo. Her project title- The impact of urban micro-climate on indoor-outdoor air exchange. Her work involves creating a simplified full scale model of an urban area to understand the effects of surrounding buildings on natural ventilation. She aims to understand how much of the air exchange is driven by turbulence rather than the mean air-flow.

Zhiwen (Vincent) Luo

University of Reading

Dr. Vincent Luo is a lecturer in sustainable technologies at the University of Reading. His research interests cover both building-and-urban-scale physics. Within the building scale, he is interested in sustainable building design, natural ventilation, infectious disease transmission in hospital environment. For the urban scale, which he believes is a new but very promising research area, he is interested in the research of urban ventilation modelling, urban heat island to achieve sustainable urban planning.

Roger Hoxey

University of Birmingham

Prof. Roger Hoxey holds an honorary chair at the University of Birmingham.

Mark Sterling

University of Birmingham

Prof. Mark Sterling is the Head of School of Civil Engineering. His has research interests in Fluid Dynamics, Wind Engineering and Water Engineering. His research in Water Engineering is mainly directed towards understanding and evaluating the conveyance capacity of rivers, while within the field of Wind Engineering he has carved out two distinct areas of research, namely the effect of wind on plants and the effects of extreme wind events.

Andrew Quinn

University of Birmingham

Dr. Andrew Quinn is a Senior Lecturer and previously RCUK Research Fellow in Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. His research focuses on the interactions between infrastructure, particularly transport systems, renewable energy and extreme weather events/climate change and how these impact on the resilience of communities and services.

Alan Robins

University of Surrey

Prof. Alan Robins is a professor of environmental fluid mechanics whose research interests include turbulent flow and dispersion, with applications to environmental aerodynamics and air pollution problems. Work includes experimental and mathematical modelling of turbulent flows, mixing processes and concentration fluctuations, the dispersion of emissions in the atmosphere and their subsequent deposition, wind tunnel methods for simulating atmospheric flow and dispersion, and wind power studies.

Adam Robertson

University of Birmingham

Dr Adam Roberton - holds an honorary chair at the University of Brirmingham

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